Crazy Ideas- Alan treks across India in a rickshaw!

Posted by Hatstand on the 1st February 2011

Alan is one of our clients and a big user and fan of the Hatstand Green Beret Programme. Alan decided to do his small bit to help those less fortunate, and raise funds for a project called FRANK.

FRANK Water Projects is a small charity that funds sustainable, safe, clean drinking water projects by installing village filtration facilities. Since 2005 FRANK has funded the installation of over 30 projects in Andhra Pradesh, India benefiting over 210,000 people.

The challenge of course was for Alan and his team mate to travel across the entire length of India in an auto rickshaw for 14 days covering 2500 kilometers.
Alan not only managed to complete the trip in 14 days, he also got to see the real India and solicit sponsorship which will go towards an excellent, worthwhile project.

During this 14 day adventure Alan had to contend with hole ridden roads, run away goats jumping in the rickshaw, leaking oil and a blown exhaust. All in the name of charity! See Alan?s blog for more detail.

Hatstand have been delighted to sponsor this fantastic trip in exchange that Alan and his team mate wore Hatstand t-shirts throughout and blazed their rickshaw in Hatstand stickers!!

Alan's trip to India

Alan's trip to India

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