About Hatstand

Global Financial IT ConsultancyHatstand is a global financial IT consultancy with a focus on trading systems, connectivity, data management and the impact of regulatory change.

We work with clients in international financial centres in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

We deliver technology, project solutions, business services and specialists to our clients through projects, managed services and people. We run our projects both on a fixed price and on an outcome basis.

Our people can be engaged through a traditional consultancy model or through our Hatstand Green Berets (HGB) programme, our unique talent development plan that enables you to retain our junior consultants at no additional cost.

We are large enough to have global reach and small enough to be agile and flexible in our delivery.

We add value to our clients’ operations through Focus, Global reach, Tailored Solutions and Knowledge Retention.


  1. Focus – We concentrate on a discrete number of functional areas – in one industry sector - in order to truly understand your business and achieve deep, best-in-class expertise.
  2. Global Reach – We have the ability to deliver our consultancy services – projects, managed services and people – on a global scale.
  3. Tailored Solutions – We offer flexible, cost-effective delivery solutions which can be tailored to meet your requirements 0 including sharing in delivery risk.
  4. Knowledge retention – We provide our clients with options to retain junior consultants at no additional costs when engaged under our Hatstand Green Berets programme.

Our thought leadership programme, pro-actively research the issues around the impact of regulatory change and data management. We publish original papers every month and then we make them available on our website, we organise quarterly breakfast briefings on the impact of regulation on the technology in the financial industry and co-sponsored events where speakers from industry associations, think tanks and the ‘front line’ of banking will discuss specific issues in the regulatory and data management environment.

Delivery FocusOur consultancy practice is based on domain knowledge, track record, quality people and a strong focus on delivery. Our services are clearly targeted to four specialist areas in one industry sector; this allows us to ensure we are constantly riding the crest of the best practice curve for the benefit of our clients, coupled with an ability to provide a global reach for our solutions.

Our people offer a wide range of skill sets and seniority, from SME to junior consultants. Many of our consultants can also be engaged as part of our unique Hatstand Green Berets programme (HGB).


About UsOur Hatstand Green Berets (HGB and HGB+) product is complementary to our clients’ existing graduate and talent development schemes. We take the best IT professionals who have gained one to three years’ experience in other business areas, mentor and train them to turn them into financial IT professionals with an option to be retained by the client on completion of the HGB programme.



Rigorously selected, custom trained, actively nurtured, flexibly delivered and....

.... Option to convert

Hatstand has been making a serious difference to our clients’ performance since 1999. To find out if we can do the same for you contact one of our teams.

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